Proxima Log Viewer

Search, filter, and collapse your Unity logs just like the Unity console, for free.

Requires a desktop browser.

Proxima Inspector

Unity Plugin to inspect and control your game from a web browser.

Try the demo on a desktop browser.

Your Unity App doesn't have to be a black box

Proxima Inspector lets you connect to your live game from a web browser to inspect and edit any property. Just like the Unity editor!

Debug mobile and VR builds
Streamline QA Testing
Control User Research Studies
Run live demos at conferences

How does it work?

Connecting to your device:

Your game hosts an HTTP/Websocket server that can be connected to by any browser in your local network.

Effortless Integration:

Just add the Proxima Component to your scene and select which features to enable.

Security First

Proxima uses HTTPS over your local network. Secure access with a username and password.

Connection diagram

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