GameObject Inspector

Basic Usage

The GameObject Inspector lets you view and edit any gameObject and component in your scene, just like the Unity inspector.

Proxima Inspector Page

The left side displays the gameObject hierarchy. Select a gameObject to view its properties and components in the inspector on the right side.

The inspector works just like the Unity inspector, but some properties may appear differently (see the FAQ).

Reordering and Reparenting GameObjects

You can reorder or reparent gameObjects by dragging them in the hierarchy.

Finding GameObjects

You can search for a gameObject by name in the Search Box.

GameObject Search

Destroying GameObjects

You can destroy a gameObject and its children by pressing the delete key while the gameObject is selected.

Changing Properties

Change a property value by entering a value or dragging left-right on its name.

Proxima supports many different types of properties, including most primitives and arrays. For the full list of supported properties, see the FAQ.

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