Logs Viewer

Basic Usage

Proxima lets you view logs from your game similarly to the Unity console.

Proxima Log Viewer


Let's look at some of the options.

Log Controls
  • Clear: clear the log window.
  • Collapse: collapse similar logs together to a single line.
  • Pause: temporarily stop receiving logs from the game.
  • Save: options to save the log file for offline viewing. See Viewing Logs Offline.
  • Load: load a previously saved log file. See Viewing Logs Offline.
  • Search: Filter logs by a search term.
  • Info / Warning / Error Toggles: Filter logs by info, warning, or error.

Stack Traces

When a log is selected, you can see the full log message and stack trace at the bottom of the window.

Hint: You can enable or disable stack traces for different log types in Unity's project settings: "Project Settings > Player > Stack Trace"